About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am the 14 year old entrepreneur behind Spirit Earth Creations. I am a straight A honors student and I take part in many extracurricular activities. I love art, performing, and I also enjoy volunteering.

I am involved in singing and performing in my theatre department at school and also outside of school whenever opportunities arise. You can currently come and see me May 18th at Playhouse Square in Cleveland Ohio where I will be part of the ensemble at the Dazzle Awards.

While in the past I spent time distributing food for the Food Bank and working with K-Club initiatives, I now use my Polish background and ability to speak the language fluently to help teach young children Polish Folk Dancing and help at the Polish American Cultural Center.

In my day to day life I try to spread positivity and be joyful with the little things. I find that art allows us to flow our creativity, let go, and be free. It creates pathways for connection, creativity, therapy, and curiosity around the world. This is why I create jewelry and art for Spirit Earth Creations. I hope you will enjoy my pieces and share them with others!